Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tool #7 Outside the Classroom

This past school year I wanted to use Skype as a tool to connect my students to other students learning English around the world. I ran into some problems. First, finding the appropriate classroom was an issue. I signed up on an ESL forum and ended up with many unwanted and inappropriate emails. I request my name to be removed from their list, but quiet often, I still get emails. Next, I registered with ePals and only received one request, but due to the time difference between the US and Asia that didn't work. Now I think I will keep it more within the US. I would like to start out with using Skype to connect my students with other New Comers around the district. Since more schools now have computers, finding another classroom to Skype with will be easier. So here's the plan:
Content Objective
Students will collaborate with other ESL/language classrooms within/outside the district using Skype, Edmodo, and Google Docs through discussions, presentations, and project discussions on current event, strengthening all areas of language development (ELPS).
Tools: Edmodo, Google Docs, Skype
Time frame: Ongoing from the beginning of school

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more - finding a classroom with which to collaborate is the biggest challenge. Here's my latest suggestion for finding a suitable classroom - try joining some communities in Edmodo. I see teachers all the time asking for other classrooms with which to collaborate! Give it a try and let me know!