Monday, June 11, 2012

Tool#8 Look At the Tools

My students and I  have been using successfully the iPad 1's for close to 2 years. They use them to take class notes with an app called inClass and used Google Translate constantly along with the online dictionaries. We also use a calculator app called calculator pro. Instead of using the small whiteboards, we use an app called ShowMe.
A wonderful app that I have just started using is called Spashtop. This app works with and controls the Activboard, but unfortunately it isn't free. The cost is $19.99. It did allow me to roam around the room instead of being tied to the Activboard. The only downside I have found, so far, is the jittery cursor and the pen works "goofy" on the board.

I really didn't have any issues with students using the iPads, except that they always changed the backgrounds and save Justin Bieber, hearts, and cars in the photo album. My classes are small, so each student had an iPad, but since we have only 4 iPad2's I plan on using those in stations. It is important to have them numbered and assigned to a student though. With the Netbooks I plan on doing the same thing.

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