Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tool#10 Digital Citizenship

I discovered this year that many of my students put their real addresses and contact information on Facebook, so I immediately did a lesson on the dangers of placing personal information on the Internet for all to see. 
I often see inappropriate pictures and language on Facebook from my former students and teenage relatives. 
Three things I want my students to understand:
1. The Internet is a wonderful research tool, but you must double or triple check the information and use multiple sources.
2. Any information that is put on the Internet can come back to "haunt" you in various ways, personally and professionally.
3. There are many different types of cyber-bullying, and it is not appropriate in any form.

I found iSafe to be a good site along with BrainPop. There is a good movie that aired on  acb family, called" Cyberbully". It can also be found on youTube. Media Awareness Network has good lesson plans for all grades. There is a component even for parents. 


  1. I agree with you. Students and adults must understand that things can come back to haunt you. Which is why I'm going through all my "stuff" to make sure that doesn't happen.

  2. AMEN Sandy!
    If you haven't discovered this yet, this site has a whole curriculum with downloadable handouts, lesson plans, etc to teach cybersafety.