Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tool#3  Online Videos and Images

I use Youtube an Teachertube frequently, along with Discovery Education. Almost all of my Flipcharts have embedded video from these sites and they are great teaching tools, if used properly. I really prefer downloading the videos rather than just creating a link to the site. The main thing to remember when embedding any video into a flipchart, is to store the fine within the flipchart and not externally.

I have always used Zamzar to convert the videos, but did try
I am also interested in snipsnipit. I will give that a try when I have more time.
Here are my two videos:

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  1. I have used other services to download youtube videos that give you more options and don't require a wait time to download the video. The biggest problem with embedding all your flip chart videos is that you will eventually run out of server space or hard drive space.